Erin Green talks about her favourite things about Christmas, from presents to decorations, from mince pie to turkey.

1. Christmas Eve isn’t Christmas Eve unless I leave a mince pie and glass of milk in the lounge for Santa’s visit. It might seem strange for a fully grown adult to repeat each year but it’s a tradition that was started when I was a young child. I still love the delight of racing down the stairs to see if Santa has been – to find a plate, an empty glass and mince pie crumbs. Even when I’ve lived alone in a house, I’ve got up early to view the mince pie plate – I’d obviously been a naughty girl during those years but the bonus was my breakfast was prepared as I’d scoff the mince pie and glass of milk.

2. My Christmas truly begins when all the presents are wrapped and delivered, the food is bought and we settle to watch a festive film. For me, it’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ – again a tradition from childhood. Relationships are all about compromise so, I do have to accommodate my husband’s choice of ‘The Grinch’ – which I’d never seen before we dated.

3. Dressing my Christmas table ready for the main meal is another task I love doing. Every year, I’m surprised by how excited I get by matching the colours of a centre piece and napkins for one meal. Even the folding and presenting of napkins be it as fans, crowns or fleur-de-lis folds gives me a Christmas thrill, plus a flash back to my waitressing job during my teenage years.

4. Once the turkey roast is devoured, the Wizard of Oz watched and I’ve consumed my body weight in chocolate we tend to go for a gentle walk to get a breath of fresh air. It’s magical on the years when the weather fairy has been busy delivering a blanket of glistening snow. I love trudging through our local area as darkness falls, lamp lights highlight the snow fall and only us and dog walkers are out and about.

5. The Christmas season starts on 1st December when we fetch and unpack the decorations from the loft. I love dressing my Christmas tree, moving each bauble to the exact position amongst the fairy lights, beads and tinsel. This year, there’s to be a major change, for the first time ever I’m buying a real spruce. Having completed hours of research whilst writing ‘The Magic of Christmas Tree Farm’ I want a blue spruce. I’ve learnt so much about spruce and firs, from required aftercare through to the difference between a spruce and a fir – I feel I could actually help in the sales yard.

From the author of the bestselling A Christmas Wish comes a new festive romance to warm your heart. Choosing the perfect Christmas tree is hard, but finding love at Christmas is even harder…

The scent of pine fills the crisp air as local villagers select their perfect tree. Picking the tree is the easy bit, creating a perfect Christmas is a bit trickier …

Nina has the most magical job in the world, matching customers with their perfect Christmas tree. Working at Christmas Tree Farm is always fun and full of laughter but the weight of past tragedy bears down on her. Her admirer is a great distraction, but is he the right man for her?

Holly is just trying to be a normal teenager, having to deal with the mean girls in her class. But then the most handsome boy at school takes an interest in her. Have all her Christmases come at once?

Angie is trying to bring her family together and save her broken marriage. It’s not something she can force, but it’s the only gift she craves. Will her Christmas wish come true? It’s the season of goodwill, and at Christmas Tree Farm anything could happen ….

Erin Green was born and raised in Warwickshire, where she resides with her husband. She writes contemporary novels focusing on love, life and laughter. An ideal day for Erin involves writing, people watching and copious amounts of tea. Erin was delighted to be awarded The Katie Fforde Bursary in 2017 and previously, Love Stories ‘New Talent Award’ in 2015.

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