Patricia Mar shares an excerpt from her novel, All I Want Is You.

She couldn’t stop humming, she just couldn’t help herself. Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way! The tune was just so darn catchy that made her feel incredibly optimistic. What could possibly go wrong on a day that had started this well?

It was a special Tuesday because it was the first day of her life when the solitaire diamond that Daniel had given her sparkled on the ring finger of her left hand. She was going to become Mrs Daniel Gant.

As soon as Sara De Michele had opened her eyes in bed that morning, even though her boyfriend hadn’t been there to keep her warm, she had smiled and looked at the pledge of love on her finger with the joy of a child about to unwrap a Christmas present.

Christmas… Presents…

Suddenly all the things she had to do that day began to crowd her head. It was time to get up.

The first thing she did was go over to the stove to start making some cookies for her nosey neighbour, Gina. Gina was always around, opening the door of the condominium building for everyone just for the sake of picking up the odd bit of gossip about the lives of the rest of the people in the building, but Sara had a soft spot for her. She would be spending another Christmas alone and sad, and nobody should be sad at Christmas.

When her sister Virginia eventually managed to get up and join her, Sara started packing her suitcase. She and Daniel would be joining her family in Gubbio in a couple of days, but she was the organised type – she needed to have everything under control and so she preferred getting things done in advance.

While Virginia mumbled that she needed to pack too but that she didn’t want to, the biscuits, which were almost ready, filled the apartment with a delicious aroma. Sara closed the zipper of her suitcase with great satisfaction.

Still humming Jingle Bells, under the scornful gaze of her sister who even at this early hour of the morning would quite happily have put on a bit of Linkin Park at full blast to dampen any excessive Christmas spirit, Sara arranged the biscuits on a nicely decorated tray and started preparing herself to spend an hour with Gina, who was bound to bombard her with questions about her boyfriend. She’d taken that into account and was ready for it.

The morning flew by, just as the only guided tour the company had entrusted to her that afternoon did, but there were still tons of things she needed to do. Carrying a carefully wrapped present, she rang the doorbell of Lia, her closest friend, who lived on the sixth floor of an elegant apartment building in Parioli. She wanted to leave the gift for her to put under the tree.

They had a cup of herbal tea together while they chatted away happily and the cold city took on the rosy colours of the sunset. But the best part of the day was still to come: Daniel. She would be meeting him for cuddles, sex and love. What better way was there to end the day?

She said goodbye to Lia, promising to call her on Christmas Day and then went out onto the landing. Just before the elevator doors opened, she was overcome by a nauseating aroma of cigarette smoke. Turning her head cautiously, she looked behind her and saw a man in his fifties who was coming out of the apartment next to Lia’s. He was wearing a dark jacket covered with whitish spots, and holding a tin of paint in one hand and in the other a bag from which emerged the end of a builder’s tool. Sara instinctively smiled at him – he must have had a hard day.

“Good evening!” she said cheerfully as she walked into the elevator. The man followed her, answering in a hoarse voice. Smoking is bad for you, Sara thought as the elevator doors closed and she pressed the button for the ground floor.

Daniel, I am on my way…

She bit her lip, imagining the amazing personal model who was waiting for her with open arms, and felt her body temperature starting to rise.
But then, just as he was about to take off his boxer shorts in her fantasy, a jolt interrupted her steamy thoughts…

The elevator had stopped and everything had gone dark.

A hilarious love story for anyone in search of a happy ending.

Sara De Michele is now engaged to the most beautiful male model in all the world, Daniel Gant. But this can come with its fair share of problems: from jealous ex-girlfriends to long distance relationship issues. Sara just isn’t sure if she can really ever fit into his glamorous world…

And then Daniel’s cousin, the beautiful Giovanni moves in, and begins to cause more meddling problems for them both…

Meanwhile, rumours are flying all over the place about Daniel’s escapades in Hollywood… can Sara really trust him? Will they ever be able to make it despite the odds?

Patricia Mar was born in Ravenna, Italy. Her great passions have always been writing and reading. She never leaves home without a book in her handbag. Stuck on You, her first novel, was originally self-published, and has been a bestseller in Italy.

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