Rosa Temple discusses her two weddings as inspiration for her book.

I don’t know about you, but I love going to weddings. The bride is always beautiful and the day itself seems magical to me. Maybe I’m just a romantic at heart.

Rosa Temple author pic[1064284] 360As someone who has had two weddings (both of them to the same man, but that’s another story for later) you could say that I know a thing or two about them. So when it came to writing about my heroine’s wedding, it was so much fun. No difficult research, delving into the archives of Google, trips to the library or probing people for information – all I had to do was write from the heart.

Like me, my heroine, Natalie, had more than one wedding. In fact she had three, which is one up on me. But, unlike me, each of her weddings was to a different man. The path of true love isn’t always easy and it took Natalie a few attempts to get it right.

I remember each of my weddings for different reasons. The first took place on probably the wettest day in June. The UK had basked in a near enough heatwave for the whole of May, but then the heavens decided to open up and June was a complete washout. Despite my mum having told me that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, it didn’t help my satin shoes which were spotted with black blobs after running from the car park to the Register Office in the Town Hall. My long dress survived a few splashes and it was lucky my hair was pulled into a tight bun or it would have frizzed up into a 70s afro, the way it always does on rainy days.

My second wedding was the complete contrast. My already husband and I flew out to the Caribbean for a blessing of our wedding. Because my father wasn’t able to travel to my UK wedding we decided a blessing with my parents present at a church in the Caribbean would be a great occasion and honeymoon combined. I wore the same dress as I did in the UK and whereas the dress had plenty of excess room because of the weight I’d lost through wedding preparation stress, by the time we went to the Caribbean my normal weight had returned plus a few extra pounds I hadn’t noticed creeping onto my thighs.

So the blessing – which somehow ended up as a proper, full-blown wedding ceremony because of a mix up between my mum and the priest – saw me walking down the aisle in a super tight dress and a bouquet that had wilted in the heat!

I now have two sets of wedding photos of skinny me and super size me! Not to mention two wedding certificates but only one husband to show for it. But I’m happy to report that I’m smiling in both sets of photos because they were both special occasions I will never forget and writing about weddings is something I can never get tired of. Which might explain why Natalie ended up with three!

If you haven’t read Natalie’s Getting Married you may not know that Natalie doesn’t end up smiling at all her weddings, but all of them are full of ups and downs.

A lot of people have asked me to write the sequel to Natalie’s Getting Married because they really enjoyed her antics and many fell in love with the guy she marries in the end. That’s something I’m considering for the future. But for now, I hope you enjoy reading about her weddings as much as I enjoyed writing about them!

Natalies Getting Married Cover[1064283]Career-minded Natalie Spencer had never been in love. She could never understand what all the fuss was about. But when she met Jackson Humphries during Fresher’s Week at University, that all changed.

Utterly infatuated, Natalie quickly discovers the meaning of love and, before she knows it, she’s heading up the aisle – for the first time, that is.

This is a tale about four wedding dresses, a runaway groom and a girl who got so carried away, she couldn’t see true love staring her right in the face.


Rosa Temple began writing romantic comedies and chick lit because of her passion for what she calls the ‘early chick lit films’. She is a Londoner and is married with two sons. Rosa spends her days creating characters and story lines while drinking herbal tea and eating chocolate biscuits.

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