Kacie Davis Idol talks about embracing your growing pains.

1. The Tulip Factory is your debut novel. How did you decide to start writing a book and why?

When I was in college I had a blog and I would write these little entries and poems over the course of a few years. One day I realized that all those blog posts were telling a story, different parts of the same story. It kind of started blossoming (pun intended) from there.

kacie idol davis author photo 3602.  Can you tell us a bit more about The Tulip Factory?

Well, it’s a fiction novel set in Wilmington, NC about a young woman learning how to find or create happiness and not only to endure the growing pains we experience in young adulthood, but to embrace them. I chose North Carolina as the setting because it’s home to me. Wilmington, along with the seasons are some of my favorite things about this place and I pay tribute to that in my book.

3. Who is your favourite character in the book and why?

Corinne is my favorite character in the book because she’s genuine and flawed and overall very relatable. I wrote Corinne’s character as a realistic hero, to inspire girls to be brave. There are many times looking back at my own life that I wish I had been more brave like Corinne is in this story.

4. What are you most proud of about the book?

I guess I would say that I’m most proud of my dedication page. I dedicated this novel to my daughter. She’s only two right now but one day when she’s older, I hope she reads this book and understands how important her happiness is to me.

5. Can you tell us something about a particular scene that in the end did not make it into the book?

Actually the editors were great about keeping everything that was originally written in the book. I am super wordy and descriptive which is known as overkill in the publishing world! So there were some scenes with excessive details that were cut.

6. What is your own favourite book genre to read?

I’m a fan of realistic type fiction novels and naturally find myself drawn to chick-lit. I love romance comedies and tragicomedies, anything with relatable female characters. That’s basically the way to my heart.

7. Which was the last book that made you cry/shed a few tears?

The last time I got emotional while reading a book was Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me. I loved the entire storyline and the bittersweet ending is just the way I like it. I felt like I could truly relate to multiple aspects of the main female character’s life. Motherhood, past relationships, marriage and the unexpected and untimely hurdles that life throws our way.

8. Do you have a set writing routine?

I probably should have a set routine but right now it’s whenever the mood hits! I try to get to advantage of any down time where I can sit and hammer out my thoughts for at least half an hour. I’m a morning person so I think 6am is going to be my new best friend for writing this second novel.

9. What’s next for you as an author?

I want to keep writing and hopefully have another book published in the near future. I just started the “sequel” to The Tulip Factory so I hope to get as much support with my upcoming book as I received with this one! Inkshares publishing has been such a positive and overall amazing experience for me that I plan to publish more books through them and my ultimate goal would be to write a novel that is turned into a movie one day!

The Tulip FactoryBefore they exchange even a single word, Corrine knows that James will change everything. And sure enough, their serendipitous meeting in a North Carolina coffee shop sets off a whirlwind of desire and possibilities for the two.

Timing, however, isn’t on the couple’s side. After their relationship ends, Corrine finds that years of putting her career and passions on hold for love have led to a stalled life. She once saw her receptionist job as temporary but got too comfortable and, before she knew it, lost sight of her dream of becoming a writer. Now, as Corrine makes her way into her late twenties, she’s on a quest to find herself. As she struggles to figure out what she really wants, she’ll discover that sometimes you have to take happiness into your own hands and that a fulfilling life is built on opportunities — even the missed ones.

Kacie Davis Idol lives in Kernersville, North Carolina, with her husband, beautiful baby daughter, and beloved dogs. The Tulip Factory is her debut novel.


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