Author Gillian Felix picks out her top ten literary characters.

1. Lucky Santangelo – Lady Boss and Chances by Jackie Collins

Why I like Lucky is that she is a no BS, take-no-prisoners kind of gal, she is an entrepreneur and a total maneater. She is not afraid to get down and dirty with the boys and still get her sexy on. To take on Lucky, a man would have to have balls of steel, because she has enough for both of them. It’s funny to see how her lovers have tried to change her but Lucky is not having that. She speaks to me because I believe women deserve to be strong and who they are without being submissive to their partners.

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2. Heathcliff and Cathy – Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Heathcliff and Cathy is my Romeo and Juliet wrapped in dysfunction. This dynamic duo was so much in love with each other that they make other people around them crazy. Heathcliff is the brute, strong gypsy blooded boy and Cathy came from a well to do family. When Cathy’s father goes away on business he returns with a young boy, Heathcliff and raises him as his own, much to the chagrin of his other children. After Cathy’s father dies Heathcliff is downgraded to servant status by Cathy’s older brother. Despite everything, Heathcliff takes the abuse because of his love for Cathy. When Cathy’s hand is given to the very wealthy Edward, Heathcliff leaves and as the years pass and connection lost with Cathy, he gambles his way to incredible wealth and comes back to find his woman. All hell breaks loose and, well… you’ll just have to read it to find out what happens next.

3. Mr. Rochester – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I found Mr. Rochester to be a man with dept and dimension. He was definitely loveable/hateable depending on the day. Mr. Rochester fell in love with the young Jane Eyre but he had a dark deep secret hiding in his attic. When Jane agrees to marry him, that secret is exposed causing him to loose the love of his life. My heart went out to him and given his circumstances, I think his actions were justified… right?

4. Jamie Brooks – Desecration by J.F. Penn

Det. Jamie Brooks has been through the fires of hell, yes, seriously, and she survived, just barely, but she survived. Life was hard enough for Ms. Brooks when her daughter passed away. To add salt to her wound her daughter’s corpse is stolen and desecrated, (this book is not for the faint at heart) but if Jamie can go through it so can I (in fiction world at least).

5. Morgan Sierra – The Arkane Series by J.F. Penn

Arkane Agent Morgan Sierra is in no way perfect. The woman slept with her sister’s husband, who is a man of the cloth by the way. With all the paranormal demons Morgan deals with on a daily basis, it’s good to know that she has a human side. Morgan has been known to rescue her male counterparts and of course she kicks ass and takes name on every adventure she faces in the Arkane Series.

6. Saige Colewood – Feel by Karen-Anne Stewart

Saige has been born with an amazing ability to sense emotions, which is all well and good, but she can also sense death. Yikes! Because of this Saige is a social outcast and she embraces it. Gotta love a girl who is that confident.

7. Molly Young – Come As You Are by Theresa Weir

Molly was a seriously flawed college girl. Who could blame her? When she was a child, after her mother passed, she was sexually assaulted by her father’s best friend and punished for it. Fast forward to her college years and a string of dysfunctional relationships, Molly’s father died leaving everything to a step- brother she didn’t know existed. Luckily he was hot and normal, so … sorry folks no spoilers here.

8. Haoua Bourema – Harmattan by Gavin Weston

Haoua’s story began with her as a happy go lucky 10 year old living in a small village in Nigeria. When Haoua’s mother died from AIDS, her father remarried almost instantly. What Haoua didn’t expect was that her father would also marry her off to a 60+ year old man in another village. The man wanted her as a third wife. Haoua suffered more than any human being (fictional or otherwise) should ever have to suffer. I can’t say I wouldn’t exact revenge on my abuser in the exact way that she did. She went to jail at the age of 13, but jail was the lesser of two evils. I read Harmattan 3 years ago and the story is still with me. My heart still hurts as scenes from Harmattan play out in my mind. If you are looking for a light and fluffy novel this is not it. The story brought to life that women and girls are treated like that in other countries.

9. Savi DaCosta – The Family Portrait Series by Gillian Felix

I maybe a bit biased here but seriously Savi is a trip. She is definitely NOT a role model and shares crazy town with Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction. She is so bad that I’ve had readers say to me that she needs to be killed off. Not written off, but killed off. The thing is … Savi is the catalyst that moves the story forward people. From a writer’s perspective, she allows me to unleash my crazy, that should I do that in real life, I would be put away forever!

10. Adrian Banovic – Bad Uncle (Book 5 Family Portrait Series) by Gillian Felix

Adrian makes his debut in book 5 of the series, releasing summer 2015. Adrian is a young, handsome surgeon who mysteriously disappears. The thing is, anybody who tries to look for him ends up dead. When circumstances bring Adrian back to Los Angeles and his family, he has a lot of explaining to do. Will they welcome him back with open arms or will his return put them all in danger?

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Adriana Banovic’s 15th birthday sucked! She got fired after eight years of playing ShayanneMontgomery on the #1 soap in the country, found out that her family was on the verge of bankruptcy and worst of all, forced to return to Westwood Academy. Her only saving grace was a chance glance at dreamy mystery boy Haze Lyndon. Armed with only his picture and a determination to find him — even if it means turning Los Angeles over on its ass.
In this New Adult novel you’ll meet Robin Banovic, Adriana’s father; financially challenged, dealing with the death of a family member and his brother’s disappearance. You’ll meet Savannah DaCosta aka Savi, mother/manager; Savi enjoys the life her rock star daughter Leighann has provided. When Leighann makes a choice to end her career, Savi sees it as a personal attack. You’ll meet college boy Haze Lyndon; New to Los Angeles, Haze soon realizes how quickly money changes hands in the City of Angels. Will he return to questionable ways to survive or go back to the safety of his family in Wisconsin?

Gillian Felix was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She grew up watching night time soap operas by Aaron Spelling with her mother. That’s where her obsession with rich, powerful and devious characters were born. Gillian pursued drama in high school although it was not taught as a “serious subject”. When asked what career she wanted to pursue after graduation, she told her guidance counsellor that she wanted to be an actress, and was told that acting is not a “real job”. When Gillian moved to the US in 1998, she landed an internship with Spotlight On Theater in New York City, where she learnt stage managing, casting and the technical aspect of running a production. Later she branched out into film, and fell in love with the behind-the-scenes action of film and theatre production. She traded acting and her “real job” for a career in film and theater production. Gillian continued writing novels and scripts. When not writing, Gillian can be found volunteering at the New Mexico Children’s Grief Centre or hiking the many mountains that surround New Mexico.

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