First-time author Amie Guzzardi turns a hobby into reality.

I mean it … wow! I wrote a book. It all started with an uncanny dream, one that I woke from and all day could still taste the coffee I drank and the sound of the leaves that rustled from the trees as I walked the street. It had the intensity I felt like the first kiss from my soul mate, which is something you can only relive in one of those dreams.


What started as a dream soon became my secret, sometimes hobby. I say ‘sometimes hobby’ as that is what it was, in the little spare time I had, I wrote. But that became less and less fulfilling, I had an idea that was now raging inside of me and I needed to bring it life, in a much shorter timeframe than I really could afford.

I can assure you, it wasn’t as simple as having a dream, putting it to paper and publishing it. It took two years before I told anyone that I was writing. Why? … the prospect of having my work published sparked fear inside of me. I’m not a university graduate and have little, if any experience in the world of literature and of course, I don’t have a bestselling novel. This and other absent writing abilities were made well noted to me.

The reality… I’m a mother who left high school to become a hairdresser. What would my family and friends think? Crazy! Was all I could come up with. Of course, there are proud moments in my life, but nothing that would make a publisher stand up in his/her chair and shout “we need this woman’s book”. So, what did I do … I stopped writing, with nothing but no hope that my book was ever going to be published. I put the idea aside for six long months.

I went cold turkey on my addiction, I put it aside but, the urge never gave way. One night my husband asked me why he wasn’t hearing the keyboard clatter away during a movie. I said “what’s the point in writing something that will never be published?” His response … “publish it yourself then” I’m not to sure if that was a question or a direction but I was online in an instant searching how to self-publish.

Here I am, two years later with a complete, self-published novel. I am officially an author, a title that doesn’t roll off the tongue for me. I feel strange when someone asks me to sign their book. I always sign with thanks, and always will, as I am truly grateful to everyone who purchases my book and takes the time to read it. In spite of my absent skills, I do have attributes – imagination, determination and a willingness to give people a great read, from start to finish.


 Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 3.46.23 pmRules will be broken… Sexual boundaries will be explored…
But will the agreement forever bind?
“Ryan placed his leather jacket around Emma’s shoulders as they stood on the pavement. Emma stood in silence, savouring the moment and the night she had just had with Ryan. But she knew once she told him she was still a virgin he would run for the hills. The goddess that Ryan had had in the corner not five minutes ago had gone; the girl inside Emma was back!”

When Ryan and Emma meet, their love was something they had both hoped for, waited for and at times felt was impossible, it seemed like a perfect match; Ryan is the white hot hero that Emma has been saving herself for. But lurking in the shadows of their happiness is a secret agreement Ryan has made with Elanor, a woman twice his age who will stop at nothing to make sure Ryan belongs to her.

“I don’t just love you – I need you, I want you, I have to have you.” But…!


A.P. Guzzardi’s lustrous imagination is what sparked her to write her first novel The Agreement, after a long career in hairdressing and beauty. Her creative flair in her work was always well noted. Her impatience to travel the road in search of a publisher, lead her to self-publish The Agreement in 2014. Her robust passion for love, romance, desire and intrigue will continue to pave the way to future novels.

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