Ever done anything really embarrassing? Michelle Morgan welcomes you to the club.

People often ask where the inspiration for Tripping Through’s main character, Karly, came from.

michelle morgan

I was at a dinner party in my early 20s and the conversation hit an unusual lull. (Unusual because I never run out of things to talk about. I must have been cramming something delicious into my mouth at the time.) Truth be told, the group was having a little problem gelling. So I asked everyone to share their most embarrassing story. As we got to the end of the evening, I learned something.

I am not normal.

I tried again at the next social event and it was confirmed.

I am not normal. But I AM interesting.

It turns out people like hearing about other’s disaster – like the business lunch during which you told your boss, after being offered Octopus sashimi, that you think testicles would feel weird in your mouth.

Based on my very scientific data collection and analysis, I conclude that we can break down human kind as follows:

· 60% of people don’t have embarrassing things happen to them.

· 15-40% can, if they think very long and hard, come up with something somewhat embarrassing. “I walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck on my shoe once.” Yawn….

· 10-15% are plagued regularly by escalators that eat clothing, seagulls with good aim, and invisible divots in carpets that spring up when they are carrying their parents’ “happy 40th anniversary” cake.

Yup. Things “happen” to me. So while Tripping Through is not a biography, Karly definitely has some Michelle-esque qualities. Are you wondering if you are also a strangeness attractor?

Have you ever:
· fallen into a hotel swimming pool with your suitcases?
· tried to top up a restaurant tip with a few dollars and ended up throwing a panti-liner on the check?
· walked out of a bathroom with your skirt tucked into the back of your panties?

If so, welcome to the club!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 2.22.14 pm How can one person attract so much disaster? Quirky, clumsy, and eager-to-please Karly has more than her fair share of bad luck. Waaaay more. We first meet our 29-year-old accountant in her loud (the fire alarm is going off) and smoky (she’s trying to bake) kitchen. During the chaos, Karly is dumped because of misunderstandings over a divorce lawyer she didn’t hire and an affair she didn’t have. This comes just weeks after performing a very efficient audit on a company … that wasn’t actually a client. Oops. Single and unemployed, Karly continues tripping through life, both metaphorically and physically. She thinks her luck may be turning when she meets the perfect man but in true-to-Karly form, manages to scare him off. And he isn’t just “not returning her phone calls” scared but more “sprinting away across the parking lot screaming like a banshee” scared. Crap. Just as she thinks it can’t get any worse, it inevitably does. Is Karly destined to lead a life of loneliness and poverty or does fate have something else in mind?

Michelle Morgan was born in Vancouver, Canada. She has years of experience falling down for no reason and may have left a wrap-around skirt or two caught in a date’s car door. She currently lives in the Caribbean with her husband, Peter, and their three children, Kiara, Leilani and Kai. Oh – and a three-year-old goldfish named Angel, who her kids haven’t noticed looks different every time they come back from visiting Nana and Grandpa in the summer. Michelle is passionate about theatre – watching, writing for, and acting in. Although she enjoys it all, she favours comedy. She is a black belt in karate, a classical pianist, and is addicted to pilates and pad thai.


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