Ava Catori weighs up the importance of being who you are, saying don’t let size dictate what you are capable of.

Being a plus-size woman, one of the things many of us understand is the insecurity that can come along with having a rounder figure. Society often puts value on a trim figure, and being large can make you feel invisible.

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Finding overweight characters who take the lead in books used to be difficult. As more writers expand outside of the box of norms, it’s been wonderful to finally see plus-size women find love and ‘happily ever after’ endings. We all love a good fantasy, but we’re not all buying our clothes in the junior department.

As a chubby chick, there’s another side to being extra curvy that many people don’t realize. Often times, you have an insatiable drive to prove you can do the same things that your thinner sisters can do. Can you say over-achiever? (Says the girl who ran three half marathons while weighing over 200 pounds … just to prove that I could.)

For me, finding the perfect balance between sanity and the need to do it all is an interesting place to be. It makes for some quirky equations in life, which help define some of the do-it-yourself attitude that can come through in my writing. Body image is something many women struggle with, regardless of their size.

My sister is a svelte and slim woman with a warm and witty personality, and yet she has her own insecurities, just as I do. Feeling vulnerable is a human quality we all can relate to. By touching on vulnerabilities, I like to bring relatable experiences to my characters, the ones that make you go, “Oh yeah, I’ve felt that” and poke fun at it. Being able to laugh at those things is crucial to keeping a healthy outlook on life.

I love to put those tiny, awkward moments we all have under a microscope and blow them up bigger and bigger so we can see how silly they tend to be. It’s not that the situation is huge; it’s how we perceive it to be. My job is to find just the right twist on the scene to enhance it properly for my stories. In my latest romantic-comedy series Dating Daisies and in my Plush Daisies series, I’m here to celebrate the chubby chicks and the jiggly girls who wiggle when they walk. Some of the characters are insecure, some are confident and strong, and some are just a little crazy.

I love when I see characters I can relate to, and let’s face it my hips aren’t getting any smaller. Mostly, they are fun books that make you smile, and leave you feeling happy and uplifted. I hope you’ll join me in the fun and look at some of my new characters that offer over-the-top antics combined with a full emotionally driven journey. At the heart of it all, we’re all women who have so much to offer.

Don’t let size dictate who you are and what you’re capable of. Shine, smile, and remember that when all else fails laugh at yourself. Don’t take life too seriously. There’s enough serious in the world. Add some sunshine and laughter into your days, and spread the love! Thank you for taking the time to read about a slice of my world.


tornado-allieAllie Cramer is a spirited whirlwind with a zest for life. Unfortunately, a oath of destruction follows wherever this twister goes. Things sort of … just happen when she’s around. Dr. Todd is both charming and handsome, but he has big ambitions for his career and they don’t include love. When Allie spins into his life, he can’t get the flighty, clumsy girl out of his head, leaving him with questions he’s not prepared to answer. As their worlds collide, neither will be the same. Can they navigate their way through a vortex of compromise and find love? Or will Tornado Allie strike again and send them blowing in two different directions? Warning: Buckle up, you’re in for a bumpy ride with a twist of fun, a splash of laughter, and a dose of goodloving that will have you cheering them on to a happily ever after.

Romance writer Ava Catori says elegant and graceful have never been words to describe her. She’s the girl bumping into walls, while coming up with the right phrase for a story. Writing has been a part of her life. After working at everything from being a 9-1-1 operator to a bartender, one day she sat down and realised it was time to follow my dream and write. She lives in New Jersey.


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