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About the response you have received for The Best Thing I Never Had 

All and any response! I just love that people are engaging with the story; even the more negative reviews are good in their own way. I love that the response has been that the book is different, is challenging and rewarding, and that it stays with readers after they’ve finished. I love that I’ve ‘eavesdropped’ people discussing what they thought of the book on Goodreads and Twitter and the like, and that it’s made enough of an impact in a world already so full of amazing books!

Erin Lawless 2013 About being a writer

When I told people I was a writer, I used to get a “yes, dear, of course you are” expression (even now, when I counter by saying how well the ebook of Best Thing has done, people just ask when “the real book” – aka the paperback – is coming out). People think writing is a hobby – and in a way it is, because I do have to keep a day job – but I don’t write for fun, I write because I just need to. My head would explode with all my imaginary friends if I didn’t write down their stories and share them with all of you.

That has happened to you

August 2013 was a pretty intense month. I gave up my job, left my friends and the city I loved to move to the countryside for my boyfriend’s career. I was miserable. Then in the space of one short week I suddenly had a book deal with HarperCollins and an engagement ring on my left hand. I don’t think I stopped smiling until Christmas.

You have read this year

Looking back at what I’ve read this year (thank you Goodreads!) it’s almost too hard to pick! I’ve read some excellent books in the first quarter of 2014. Recommendation-wise, I think it would have to be We Were Liars by E. Lockhart; a bit of a marmite book, I think, but it kept me gripped and was written so hauntingly well.

About spring

That I get to wear shoes other than Ugg boots and wellies! Come here, little sweet ballet pumps, I’ve missed you!

About British history

Being an amateur history blogger, I could wax lyrical on this subject! Although I do very much enjoy and appreciate history in its global sense, I do keep my website focused towards British history as much as possible. My aim is to emphasise the ‘story’ part of history, make it accessible to people who would usually pass it off as dry and boring. We in the UK are so, so lucky to have our history all around us. I used to eat my lunch sitting on grass bumpy with the ruins of Renaissance buildings that were destroyed during the Blitz in London.

About being signed with a publisher

The support. Knowing there are people behind you – and in this I mean both the Harper Impulse team and the other Harper Impulse writers – makes you feel so much stronger in yourself.

To do on social media

Even before I was a writer I used social media to discuss and find out about new books. I am addicted to Goodreads, for example: I can just go on for five minutes and an hour later I’ve added thirty books to my To Be Read.

On TV right now.

Well, I can’t not say Game of Thrones being as season four has just started this week! Being a massive fan of the books, I just can’t help but love the TV series too. My friends and I watched all ten episodes of season three as a marathon to prepare us for the new episode; after the end of the weekend my bum was dead and I was feeling sick from all the junk food consumed, but it was so, so worth it!

About writing a second novel

Knowing that there are people actively waiting for it. My editor, bloggers and readers – I get quite a lot of tweets asking me when my next book is out. It’s thrilling and terrifying in equal measure!


The Best Thing I Never Had PBOFive years ago at university they had been seven friends that laughed hard and loved harder.

Nicky and Miles were the couple that were always meant to be … Leigha and Adam, not so much…

So when Adam and Harriet grew close during endless days in the library, they did the one thing that changed everything – they kept a secret. And when it came out, it all fell apart.

When the day comes for bridesmaids to be chosen and best men to fulfil drunken promises, Nicky and Miles’ wedding isn’t just a wedding, it’s a reunion – loaded with past hurts, past regrets, past loves…

In February 2013 Erin Lawless released her first full-length novel, Little White Lies, which was picked up by HarperCollins’ award-winning romance imprint Harper Impulse and re-published as The Best Thing I Never Had in December 2013. Since then, The Best Thing I Never Had has been on both the and Apple iBooks bestseller lists. Erin’s second novel, Indefinite Leave to Remain will be released by Harper Impulse in winter 2014. Erin lives with a man who buys her books instead of flowers. She blogs about her writing, history and anything else that catches her – admittedly rather distracted – interest.

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