Bella Bailey admits she has created a bridezilla in her Bridal Bootcamp leading lady.

I wrote Bridal Bootcamp when I was planning my own wedding. I was very  chilled about my wedding, but I sometimes thought it would be much  more fun to be a rampant bridezilla – but no, it didn’t happen and maybe the world is better off for that.

But around that time, I  thought it would be so much fun to write a book about someone who  takes her wedding a little too seriously…if you can’t be a real  bridezilla, why not be a vicarious one?

And so Yvonne was born. It’s fair to say she goes ever so slightly over the top in her quest to create the perfect wedding…but in doing so, she learns a few valuable lessons about what’s really important in life.

I’ve written five books, but this was the first one I ever wrote. In fact, I wrote it almost eight years ago. Just as I was on a quest to get it published, something else came along – something that couldn’t be bypassed. All the while, Bridal Bootcamp was sitting on my hard drive waiting for a day out.

I was reminded of it when a friend was planning her wedding. “Didn’t you write a book about a wedding?” she asked. After a moment’s hesitation (because I had all but forgotten about it), I confirmed that yes, I had done such a thing once upon a time.

“I’d like to read it,” she said. So I dug it out. And when I re-read it myself, I decided I really liked it. From there, the idea of self-publishing developed…and so began the learning process of getting a cover designed, organising for the book to be edited, and so on.

A few months later, here we are. The feedback has been amazing so far, both from people who have a wedding coming up (either their own or someone else’s) and people who don’t but just decided to give the book a go.

I’ve even received emails from former brides sharing a few crazy stories of their own – but much as they would be great material for another book, don’t worry ladies – your secrets are safe with me!

Bridal Bootcamp cover Bridal Bootcamp is a contemporary romantic comedy set in Dublin, Ireland. When Yvonne’s boyfriend Simon accepts her marriage proposal, she resolves to give her family and friends the best wedding imaginable! And if the little matter of money gets in the way … well, she’ll worry about that later. Besides, it’s not as if she has nothing else to fret about – Simon’s twin sister Tracey is hell-bent on finding a way to stop the wedding. When Simon’s ex, Sandra, returns from the past and reveals that Simon is the father of her baby, it looks like Tracey might get her wish – especially as Sandra is demanding a kidney from Simon for their gravely ill child. And that’s the easy part …what Yvonne doesn’t know is that her best friend, Rachel, is harbouring a deadly secret that has the potential to obliterate Yvonne’s relationship with Simon forever … a secret that comes to light in a dramatic crescendo on their big day in front of everyone they know. The power of this young couple’s love is put to the test again and again, and they embark on a journey of discovery about their relationship. The issues they face force them to evaluate what’s really important to them – their wedding, or their impending marriage.


Bella Bailey is a pseudonym for a previously published Irish author who has released her first independent novel Bridal Bootcamp.

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