When life throws you a curve ball, it’s time to put Plan B into action, says Jennifer Vessells.


My decision to quit my job as an attorney and pursue authorship was not immediate.  When the idea first popped into my mind, I laughed and beat it down with a large stick until it was bloodied and almost dead.  But no matter how hard I beat it down, it always rose back up.  I’d been writing a book on and off (mostly off) since early college as a way to allow my creativity to breathe.

I’d never seriously thought of the book as a legitimate career opportunity, and had only hoped to finish it someday as a check off my bucket list.  Eventually, however, I began to realize that dreams don’t always have to stay dreams.  Few people get an opportunity to leave their jobs behind and pursue something they love, and with a successful and supportive husband, I had that opportunity at age twenty-seven.  As the days passed, it began to seem less like an idiotic fantasy and more like a golden opportunity.  And one day, I knew that if I didn’t pursue this dream I would regret it forever.

Plan B can mean many things: adjusting to unforeseen life events; facing failure when Plan A doesn’t succeed; or pursuing a dream that never made it into Plan A’s blueprint in the first place.  I think the lesson I’ve learned, both through my own life changes and in writing Life in Plan B, is this: no matter which plan you’re living, it’s important to make the most of it and remain flexible.  You can plan for your future until you’re blue in the face, but there’s no guarantee that, even if things go perfectly, you’ll end up where you expected to be.  There’s only one thing you can truly plan on – that life will look at your plans, laugh, and throw them out the window!


Life in Plan B CoverWhen twenty-eight year old Haley Simpson, a sales associate for her best friend’s clothing boutique in Columbus, Ohio, begins a secret affair with the boutique’s potential New York City business partner, she digs a cavernous hole of deception that not only threatens to end her blossoming career, but to destroy a life-long friendship.

After practising law for nearly three years, Jennifer Vessells left to pursue her dream of becoming a novelist. After an intensive year and a half of writing, she presented her debut novel to the world, Life in Plan B, in July 2013. Passionate about women’s fiction and children’s chapter books, Jennifer plans to enjoy a long writing career. She is currently working on her second novel.



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