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Stelana Kliris thinks the entertainment industry often doesn’t cater to women, so has made the type of movie she’d want to watch.

We made a film, Committed, about a chance meeting between a man who is being pressured to propose to his girlfriend and a runaway bride. He finds her on the side of the road, offers her a lift and an unexpected road trip through the gorgeous landscapes of Cyprus begins. We made a film about love … and what better odd couple to explore it than these two characters.

George, played by Orestes Sophocleous, is a jaded pragmatist and the Bride, played by Melia Kreiling, is a romantic optimist… needless to say the arguments are endless, but insightful.

The film was shot across 25 locations in a record 17 days with just 12 very dedicated crew members, two talented actors and a vintage car. The locations varied from emerald coastlines to vast deserts to lush mountains and quaint stone villages. We wanted to show off Cyprus to the world and we also wanted to make a fun, feel-good movie that tells a story of substance; something we feel we don’t see enough of on the big screen anymore.

The film will be complete by the end of the year, after which it will start its festival run.

Stelana Kliris is a South African-Cypriot writer/director with a background in editing and production on international film and commercial productions in Greece and Cyprus. She graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism from Rhodes University in South Africa and has completed post-graduate courses in writing and directing at institutions such as the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. She has directed two short documentaries, one on the Olympic Truce which aired on the state Greek channel ERT Digital and the other based on subcultures in South Africa, which was screened at festivals in Paris, Amsterdam and New York. Stelana has also shot two short narrative films The Fiddler and Hope. She is inspired by stories with heart and humanity and she has a wealth of tales from her multi-cultural upbringing in countries with complicated political situations.

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