To celebrate Escape Publishing’s 1st birthday, Jenny Schwartz reveals how some loveable mutts pawed their way into her novel.

JennySchwartzYears ago I was a volunteer dog walker for a local animal shelter. It was one of the best volunteer jobs ever. The dogs were so happy to be out and about, and getting some attention. A number of them were real characters.

Dogs brighten so many people’s lives.

In my latest story, It’s Love, Dude, the hero’s grumpy granddad reveals his heart of gold with the two shelter dogs he’s opened his home to. I had no idea that old Tom would be a dog owner when I started writing the story, but as always, dogs just snuck in.

Tom’s dogs are called Buddy and Holly, and yes, they’re named for the rock star, but really their names recall two lovely natured therapy dogs.

Therapy dogs (and their owners) visit nursing homes, respite centres, even hospitals, and give residents a chance to interact with a non-judging, loving companion. One who doesn’t talk back.

Ahem. Not quite true in Holly’s case. She was famous for her singing 😉

My own dog, Toby, is too shy to be a therapy dog. He likes strangers, but he likes them to visit him. Couriers are most welcome and he’s famous with the posties. Why? Because he collects the mail and carries it in. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t learned to chew up the bills!

9780857990792From our favourite short story writer comes a debut full-length novel about sand, sun, small towns, and surfing…

Zane Carlton is a World Champion surfer. Molly Georgiou is a shy, small-town girl. They have nothing in common except an instantaneous attraction and an impossible quest for a rare, endangered Australian marsupial. But Zane is determined to make it work, and invites Molly to take a step into his world. But Molly isn’t ready for the spotlights and attention — she loves her town, its quirks, its characters. Opposites attract, but can two such different people find both a woylie and forever?

Jenny Schwartz is a coastal dreamer. When she wins Lotto, she’ll live by the sea and watch whales swim past while dreaming up her next book.



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