If we could do anything without limitations, what would we do? Jennifer Dolinsky ponders the idea behind Marci Nault’s book.

shapeimage_3“Settle for Nothing Less than Magnificence”. It’s the tagline on Marci Nault’s 101 Dreams Come True website. The description of the website says that it is about going for your dreams today, not in the future. It’s about making your dreams happen, getting everything you want out of life. Everyone has dreams. We make lists, bucket lists, we speak of them out loud, we think of ways to make them come true. Marci Nault did this. She made a list of dreams and made them come true. In 2008, Marci Nault asked herself questions that we all ask ourselves every day. We ask if we could do anything, be anyone, go anywhere, without rules, without limitations, what would we do? Could we really accomplish these dreams? Would we go through it? What would happen to our lives if we did?

My husband is a dreamer. He often sits around, thinking of all of the things that he wants to do. He has dreamt often of writing a novel (something Ms Nault also set out to do and accomplished – it’s called the Lake House about friendship and second chances), he has played with the idea of owning a food truck and driving around with cupcakes I had baked inside, he has dreamt of being a professional poker player, among many other things. My biggest dream is to own my own cafe and bake all day while going on a book tour for my first novel. I have a friend who always wanted to live in Disney World and become one of the princesses. She decided to go to college in Florida and has since played many different characters down there. She met her husband in Florida and they had a fairytale wedding.

A quote from Ms Nault’s website (101dreamscometrue.com) says, “Only in dreaming do we see who we really are. When we dream, we create a map of an incredible life. It’s our choice if we follow it.” Some of her dreams include “laughing so hard with a stranger my sides hurt, going on an African safari, ride in a hot air balloon, own a pair of designer shoes, sleep in a palace, have a book I’ve written made into a movie.” Her list is impressive, most of it are things we would all love to do, but what is really remarkable is that out of the 101 dreams on her list, she has accomplished over half of them. Her story is incredible. She simply made a list, having been going through a family tragedy, and later on that night, had already accomplished one of the dreams on the list.

dreamsWhat if we all asked ourselves, what if? What if I just decided tomorrow to get up, buy a building and turn it into my own cafe? What if I could get my novel published? What if we could really be a Disney Princess? Or swim with dolphins? Or go on an African safari? Scuba dive? We all have dreams big and small, things in our lives that would shape us, change us, make us appreciate life a little more, make us fall in love with the world we live in more. What if we all made bucket lists and said ‘Okay today is the day’? Marci Nault did this. She is an inspiration. Her list is full of dreams, some big, some small, but all important. She writes on her site that she has accomplished over 70 of these, including owning her own business – she designs wedding dresses! – and that checking off these things on her bucket list has made her fall more in love with herself and the world. Imagine feeling that accomplished every day. Imagine finding the things that could change you in big ways and small ways, the things that could really change you. We should all follow in Ms. Nault’s footsteps, take a leap of faith, make our dreams really happen, accomplish goals we only let be ideas in our heads.

So, start making lists. Make your own bucket list and then set out to go accomplish everything on it. And check out Ms. Nault’s website (101dreamscometrue.com) to see all of her dreams, read her inspirational blog, her ideas to help you along the way, her advice, and just how she is living her life the way she wanted to. Her first novel, The Lake House, is also on sale. It’s a beautiful novel and one of her dreams come true. Read her words of wisdom and let’s all start living our best life, making each of our dreams a reality.

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