Caroline James took a tumble recently but found luck was on her side …

Caroline James press pic 1I took a tumble on my stairs recently and as I was falling, I had a split-second thought that ‘this could be serious’ – the stairs are steep. But a strange thing happened. Like a giant hand, I felt something lift me and next thing I was sitting at the bottom – safe and sound. Yes – you say, she’s barking, she’s finally lost the plot!

I went to a literary festival at the weekend and listened to a well-known politician entertain the audience with tales from her latest diary episodes. This lady is not everyone’s favourite person but there is a charisma about her that is engaging. She told of her massive book deal when times were tough in parliament and seemed quite smug, there was something else too. She mentioned a four-letter word and it’s a word that I’ve heard famous folk use quite often.

Coffee Tea the gypsie and Me


We all need a little helping of luck sometimes. What makes your manuscript creep up the slush pile/what gets that upgrade into business class/what makes a car stop a split-second after you were convinced it was going to hit you? Is it luck? Rhonda Byrne has sold millions of copies of The Secret and readers unravel her words and become happier human beings, but they have to stick with it – follow the faith, work at the page and understand what they are capable of, to become ‘lucky in life’.

The great golfer Gary Player said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” But millions work themselves to the bone and nothing changes. So what makes someone stand out? What is it that gives an individual that cutting edge of brilliance that enables them to act/run/write/work/paint/perform better than anyone else? Is it luck? Our amazing athletes enthralled everyone at the Olympics with personal successes that surpassed all expectations. “Years of hard work and dedication,” they told us.

Sound familiar? I’m in the same school as Gary Player and believe that you have to work hard to let Lady Luck into your life. But I can’t help but think that my tumble on the stairs was tinged with a touch of fairy dust and greater forces were at work, however you package it, luck was very much on my side that day…

Caroline James lives in Cheshire in the UK. Her debut novel – Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy & Me was released as an e-book and shot straight to number three on the UK Amazon charts. The book is now available as a paperback. Caroline says the book is reminiscent of her time in the Lake District where she lived for several years, “I loved the magnificent county and spent my leisure time walking the fells. The annual gypsy horse fair in Appleby is a tradition that dates back over 300 years and I used to enjoy the frenzy of activity during fair week, even though most of the locals hated it! I thought it would be fun to weave a story round the fair and the many fascinating characters that visit.” It is a tale of romance set in the 1980s, as Black Monday approaches, tourism crashes and property prices slump. The heroine Jo risks everything to pursue her dream of running a country house hotel. Caroline’s next book The Agent is set in London and the plot digs deep into the funny and fascinating world of today’s celebrity chefs. It will be published in 2013.

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