Could you find a partner through Read Dating? Jennifer Dolinksy investigates.

There are many books on the shelves about women finding their Prince Charming, the man of their dreams, the perfect husband. It’s the theme of most books, most movies, most television shows: how to find the perfect mate. Because of the internet, there are various ways to now meet that perfect partner.
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People are meeting through blind dates, the internet, speed dating and now a new way of meeting: read dating. It’s an extremely interesting concept that has slowly been making its way into the dating world. At one event in Seattle in 2009, the library set up Read Dating where people had eight minutes to sit, discuss their favorite books and authors, and see if they had that in common. The library would put them in touch after the event if they felt a spark.

It’s certainly a new and innovative way to meet people. I had first seen the concept years ago on a show called Once and Again. On the show, the sisters owned a bookstore and began to open it up once a week after hours for this kind of meeting between people. Most of the time, realizing what you have in common in a relationship doesn’t normally take place right away, but wouldn’t it be great to meet someone who has the same literary taste?

Conversations about books and authors are usually so in depth and can really show you a lot about a person. Some of the best talks can come from asking someone about their favorite book. It can reveal a lot about a person to see who their favorite authors are, the kind of books they usually read.


My husband is not an avid reader, however he does like non-fiction whereas I really love fiction. We share different tastes, but because of that, we can talk about the different things that we have read and he opens my mind to new concepts in books I might never read whereas I can share fun or romantic plots I’m really taking pleasure in reading.

It can be wonderful to find someone who dabbles in the same genres you read – this way if you make a connection with someone, you can always recommend books to one another. Or, if you read different genres but are connecting during the “read dating”, the other person might open up new literary possibilities you never thought you would read.

Next time you’re in a bookstore or see a read dating event, since luckily they are becoming more popular!, say hello to someone new, ask them what they’re reading – you might find a new connection, not only with another person, but with books too!

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