Inspired by her own experience trying to break into publishing. Sarah Bridgeton has released the novella The Undiscovered Novelist

My own search for a publisher inspired me. Based on my experience, The Undiscovered Novelist is about a naive writer trying to break into publishing. At first, my heroine was just like me—a suburban stay-at-home mother. But that became old rather fast. Who was my heroine? Well, she was definitely a mother. Motherhood is a major theme in my story. So I had the beginnings of my heroine, but she still needed some backstory and a personality. I had such fun imagining a young, stylish, former New Yorker who loves books and literature.

Jordyn is a delicious character. Ambitious and hard-headed, she has finished her manuscript and is ready for a book deal. Problem is she doesn’t have any clue what kind of challenges she’ll face as she pursues her dream of becoming a novelist.

As a writer, I could definitely relate to Jordyn’s issues. I was totally clueless about how the business worked when I set out to find a publisher. Once I figured it out, I thought it would be a great setting for a book. I find the business side of publishing fascinating and wanted to go behind the scenes.

Another inspiration for my story is New York City. I live in Tampa. Can you get any different? I’m used to quiet beaches. Not city streets or crowded subways. With many publishers based in New York, it only seemed appropriate for a backdrop. I fell in love with New York City while writing this story.

The Undiscovered Novelist is also about Jordyn’s estranged relationship with her mother, Debra. I was inspired by the rocky mother-daughter relationships in the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and wanted to write about the elastic bonds that hold mothers and daughters together.

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