Our first post on getting readers to judge a book by its cover was so popular we’ve asked a different group of women to give their first impressions of two jackets for the same title.


Susanna, Spain, Generation X: I much prefer the UK cover, right. It’s more exciting and I love the objects falling from the sky, especially the shoes. I had first seen the US cover, far right, a few weeks ago on the web but as it didn’t draw my attention, I didn’t even bother to look at what it was about. The UK cover immediately would make me take a look inside!

Sarah, Australia, Generation Y: Not a huge fan of either cover, as the US cover is quite washed out with so much white, and I don’t love the illustration style on the UK cover. I do like how colourful the UK cover is, however, and it’s quirky which chick lit usually is, so I say the UK cover wins.

Lisa, United States, Generation X: I was more drawn to the UK cover for Girls in White Dresses. Just more fun.

Lynley, New Zealand, Generation X: I like both covers but think the white US cover has the more classic look and would make me more inclined to pick up the book and have a read.

Clare, United Kingdom, Baby Boomer: I prefer the UK version as the size and font of the book title are a better size and draw you in more.

Emma, Ireland, Generation Y: I normally much prefer UK covers but in this case I would go with the US one. The white just seems to fit in with the theme and it’s nice and light and drew my eye straight away. Although the title and author name could be bigger. Whereas I think the background colour of the UK cover is dark and uninviting even though the font is in white and I wouldn’t be that pushed about buying it or even picking it up to read the blurb.

Chelle, United States, Generation X: I adore the US cover. The simplicity of the cover makes a big impact. The colors are inviting, and it screams to me to pick it up asap. The UK cover is too busy for my liking.

Colette, Ireland, Generation X: I prefer the UK cover. The US cover is a little bland. I think the UK cover better conveys the title of the book.

Susan, Australia, Generation X: I definitely like the UK one better. I don’t think the UK one is particularly original – it looks like lots of chick lit covers, but at least I know what to expect with that. I don’t like the US one because it doesn’t look like artwork, it looks like a dodgy stock photo which seems hokey to me.


Susanna: Definitely the UK cover, left. I love the couple on the corner of the street and it just wants to make you dive into reading the book. The drawings on the US cover, far left, are very dull.

Sarah: Hmm … I think … the UK one. I do actually like both covers, but the US one with the white stencil detail gives off an old-fashioned impression, like it’s going to be a period saga.

Lisa: I like the cover with the colorful houses. Looks more like Notting Hill. Or what I think of as Notting Hill.

Lynley: I would choose the purple UK cover for this book as the title grips me and is well set off by the picture. Showing the couple kissing in the corner by the lamp post also appeals to me.

Clare: Prefer the UK version with the lovely lilac shades and the whole picture has a togetherness unlike the cut-in-half US version.

Emma: I have this book although I still haven’t gotten around to reading it. I didn’t buy it for its cover but from recommendations I had read on the net. The UK cover has nice colours and an OK picture. The US cover isn’t that appealing – the picture of the houses is too small, the title could be bigger and it is a struggle to see the author’s name against the black. I am not pushed about either cover but I would go for the UK version. The cover of her second book Breakfast at Darcy’s is much better.

Chelle: Love the dainty blue and the houses beneath. The font also was nicer and more pleasing to the eye.

Colette: I prefer the UK cover. It looks more interesting and makes me more interested in buying the book than the US cover.

Susan: I like both of these but probably prefer the purple one. The blue one looks like it’s trying to be literary or classic. The purple one looks fun, young and sassy. If I bought the blue one. I think i would be disappointed with what the book turned out to be. It doesn’t read chick lit to me.


Susanna: Both covers are not really that good. They haven’t put much thought into them. But would go with the US cover, far right, as I like the shoe!

Sarah: I like the UK cover, right. The US cover is a bit too static and sharp, whereas there is movement and colour to the UK cover with the dress and bag.

Lisa: I like the blue coat and white bag cover for Bond Girl. Just more my style. The color would make me pick it up to see what it is about.

Lynley: Definitely the UK cover with the blue dress and title on the white bag. The hint of leg shows the feminine side in the working world which adds to the allure.

Clare: The UK version is more in keeping with the chick lit theme. The US version would be more suited to ‘Bondage Girl’.

Emma: Without doubt the UK cover. The white against the blue grabbed me straight away. The font for the title would be better in all blue. The US cover looks like something we have seen before (Lauren Weisberger!!!). UK cover all the way on this one!

Chelle: I love the simplicity of the stilleto. The black and red made the book seem more Bond Girl – and intrigued me to want to read more.

Colette: For this one I prefer the US cover. The stiletto seems to symbolise the Bond Girl more than the girl with the blue dress and white bag.

Susan: I definitely like the stiletto cover better. It does remind me of The Devil Wears Prada, Last Night at Chateau Marmont etc. looks catty, bitchy, sharp. The other one looks old-fashioned and daggy. It reminds me of a Jackie Collins cover, which screams 20+ years old.


Susanna: I prefer the UK cover, far left, it is much more colourful and cute and draws my attention more than the US cover, left, which I find a bit boring and simple, it doesn’t really give you any idea what the book is about.

Sarah: The UK cover is definitely better. That is one ugly bag on the US cover and the whole design looks quite amateurish to me, in particular the title font and placement.

Lisa: I like the girl in the pink dress. I seem to be drawn to the UK covers, makes them different than the ones I see here in the US.

Lynley: Probably the pink handbag one as this makes me want to read the book to see what the link is between the floral handbag and the title Summer Daydreams.

Clare: The UK version gives an overall impression of small village girl does well, which is in keeping with the storyline.

Emma: I have read this already and loved it. The UK cover is the better by far – bright, cheerful, fun and feel-good. Great colours, nice font and layout. While the US cover featuring the flower bag does relate to the book it is just boring and uninspired and would not encourage me to pick it up. It’s also quite hard to see the title and author’s name.

Chelle: With the US cover, the different shades of pink and the actual picture were eye-catching. My eyes immediately were drawn to the actual floral handbag. So simple, so easy on the eye!

Colette: I prefer the UK cover to the US cover but will definitely buy this book as I am a big fan of Carole Matthews.

Susan: I don’t like the US one with the handbag at all. It looks like a bad stock photo that could be used for anything. The pink is too candy and artificial. The UK one is so much nicer. Typical, but I do really like the colours and that style of artwork. Just much more attractive.


Susanna: I liked both of them, but after taking a glimpse at the UK cover, right, I would much prefer this one. I like the font and the orange colour makes it really stand out. The background is nice, with the view of the girls and the sea.

Sarah: I really like both of these covers. As I have to choose, I would say the UK cover, once again. All the elements work well together, there’s flow and movement with the characters conversing in the background. I love the title treatment and colouring of the US cover, far right, but the author name placement looks out of place. Funny how such a small detail can ruin what otherwise is a great cover.

Lisa: Definitely the stripy couch and red lettering one. Looks more about fun than drama and I would like that better in a book subject.

Lynley: I liked them both although think the UK one has the edge as it shows friendship and relaxation with the three women outside chatting by their sunloungers. This is the portrait of the kind of friends I would expect to share a movie club with. This is also reflected by the stripy couch in the foreground which makes you want to sit down and look out, chat and relax.

Clare: The bright colours and larger title on the UK version have a more exciting feel.

Emma: The title alone would make me want to buy this but I love the US cover. It drew me in straight away because it was bright with warm colours and then after a closer look you notice the little details in the background. It looks fresh and appealing compared to the UK cover. The UK cover didn’t catch my attention. I don’t like the font for the title and it just seems a bit bland in comparison with the other cover.

Chelle: This was actually a hard decision to make. I loved them both, but had to sit down and look at them over and over to see which came to me more. In the end the UK cover won – the bright colors jumped out to me as a fun beach read.

Colette: I preferred the UK cover – I thought it looked more cheerful and that a reader would be more tempted to purchase it.

Susan: I don’t like either of these much, but I hate the US photo one. The other one looking out the window looks a bit Maeve Binchy (daggy, old) and seems to have no link to Meryl Streep or movies. But the US one (despite the popcorn) looks self-published.


Susanna: Would go with the UK cover, far left. With the lady sitting on the chair and the door slightly open it gives it more of a mystery look.

Sarah: The UK cover. Just. I actually like the US cover better except I’m not a fan of the silhoutte, the flicked-out hair, the dress, it looks a little cartoonish, a woman you’d find in Tin Tin, perhaps. If it was a more womanly shape, I would like that cover better.

Lisa: I definitely like the shadow. Much more mysterious.

Lynley: The UK cover has the appeal for me here as it ties in beautifully with the title, peeping around the edge of the door making you wonder just what did the nanny see?

Clare: The US cover, above right, is fab as the shadow lends a slightly mysterious and questioning feel to the book.

Emma: I like both, I have the UK version. I didn’t really look at the cover when I bought it, I just remember liking something she had written before. I can’t decide between the two covers. They both add an air of mystery surrounding the title of the book. The US version seems a bit more clearer and not as cluttered.

Chelle: Definitely the US cover – the shadow on the wall, the simple white chair – they both made wonder to myself what did the nanny see?

Colette: Again I preferred the UK cover to the US cover. The UK cover seems more interesting and dramatic somehow. The book looks like something I would like to read.

Susan: I actually really like the US cover this time. I think the shadow image is great – looks mysterious and intriguing. The UK one looks more like a predictable romance that I would expect to be disappointing. I would definitely buy the blue one, would not buy the white one with the woman on the chair!


Susanna: I love the new cover, right. It gives a totally different story from the old cover, far right. It really stands out with the font and colour, and the camera flashes. The girl on the cover is really pretty and gives the impression she is like a movie star.

Sarah: I really like them both. If the new cover had been a photo as opposed to an illustration, that would be my winner, but I do really like the old cover as well.

Lisa: I like the girl on the pink carpet best – it seems to fit the book.

Lynley: The new cover is certainly the glitzier one of the two which ties in nicely with the title. It looks like it has flashbulbs going off behind it which also reflects the word camera in the title. I’m wondering why a pink carpet though and not a red one as that is what I tend to associate with models and flashlights going off.

Clare: The new version has a more glamorous aura about it, which is expected in the world of modelling.

Emma: I have read this and love the original cover. It looks full of glamour and riches and gives us a glimpse inside the world of TV and showbusiness. I really don’t like the new cover – it looks cheap and cartoonlike. It’s like a princess picture a child would draw even thought the colours are OK. I think the other cover looks more lavish and appeals to a bigger reading audience.

Chelle: I love the new cover! The bright pink, the flashes from cameras – it jumped out on me. The old cover was a bit confusing. The author’s name was so large and hovered on top of the actual title of the book. The new camera is much better and much less cluttered.

Colette: I prefer the new cover to the old one.

Susan: Could go either way on this one. But probably the white one. The white one looks like a romance whereas I can’t tell what the other one is supposed to be. The girl in the yellow dress looks stupid and dumb and I don’t think I would be interested in a story about her – nothing enticing there. The white one looks more representative of what I’ll get.


Susanna: I don’t really like either of them, but if I had to choose one I would go with the paperback cover, left, it has more of a dramatic look.

Sarah: I like the paperback cover. There’s more intrigue, with the distance between the two people walking, the sunset, I don’t really feel anything when looking at the purple cover.

Lisa: I prefer seeing the people at the train station as it gives a better idea of the book.

Lynley: Definitely the paperback cover appeals to me for its clean lines and the way the picture appears to draw your eye into the book and out towards the horizon.

Clare: The hardback version, far left, has a great mix of colours and is just more attractive than the rather bland paperback version.

Emma: The purple cover is awful, far too much going on, horrible colours and font.You an barely see the title and author’s name. I would totally bypass this in a shop. The other cover is not much better – boring, bland, uninteresting and unappealing.

Chelle: The paperback cover was so much more eye-pleasing. I loved the simple feel, yet the cover spoke volumes to me as a reader. The hardback was much too busy. The purples, the blues, the designs on it … it was a bit much for what I look for in a book cover.

Colette: Prefer the paperback cover to the hardback cover. The paperback cover seems to give more of a sense of what the book is about.

Susan: Definitely the purple cover. I don’t hate the other one, but the purple cover is a style that always attracts me. I like the swirls, I like the unknown of it, it looks good on my bookshelf, it looks like it would have nice paper and a nice matte feel cover, possibly with some embossing. I would definitely pick this up in a book shop. The other one would not attract me at all.

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