Is it possible to sell without sex?  Author Marian L. Thomas explains why Clean Fiction works.

There is a saying that sex sells.  While I don’t argue that fact — research and studies have shown it to be true — I would argue that a book can sell without it.  There are still avid readers who want and demand Clean Fiction, just as there are avid movie lovers who pay for a full-price ticket to see a “G” or “PG” movie (even though they don’t have children).  Toy Story is a great example.  It grossed millions of dollars in ticket sales and expanded into a series.  Why was it so successful without sex?  It delivered three key ingredients that remain in demand:

 (1) A good and realistic plot.

 (2) Characters that viewers could connect with on an emotional level.

 (3) A story that was engaging and entertaining.

You see, movie lovers and book lovers have one thing in common: They both want a good story.  Clean Fiction meets that need.

So what is Clean Fiction?  To put it simply, it is a book that is void of sex and foul language.  Clean Fiction is about delivering an engaging and entertaining story.  It’s about making an emotional appeal, while connecting with the heart and mind of its reader.  If asked why I write Clean Fiction, that would be my best answer.  My other would be this:  I was looking for books that were clean, books without sex and foul language.  I wasn’t looking for a religious book or a self-help book.  I wasn’t looking to find a spiritual connection.  I have the Bible for that.  I just wanted a story.  A good story with characters who face some of the same obstacles that women face today and continue to face.  Characters with a journey that any reader can connect with.  I write Clean Fiction for women.  All women.

I have had some male readers as well.

Here’s a little more about Clean Fiction.  It’s packed with twists and turns.  Yes, there are life lessons that can be learned from within its pages.  Motivation that can be received and inspiration that can be derived from Clean Fiction; but one thing it is not— Clean Fiction is not boring and yes, Clean Fiction sells — with the help of readers, of course.

Marian L. Thomas is the best-selling author of two award-winning titles, Color Me Jazzmyne and My Father’s Colors. Her newest title, Strings of Color, released on April 1, 2012.  She can often be found fussing at her dog to get out of the neighbor’s yard and lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her biggest supporter—her husband.

2 comments on “Clean Fiction”

  1. Thanks for an interesting article. I write fairly clean fiction, in that it doesn’t contain overly harsh language, and no actual sex scenes, but eludes to them. I read a variety of books, but I’ve found there’s a shortage of ‘clean fiction’ books in the market that aren’t spiritual or inspirational. Sometimes it’s nice to just have a mainstream novel with a really good story that can be shared with women of all ages, from 13 to 103!

  2. Thanks Juliet for your comment. I agree that finding ‘clean fiction’ books in the literary world today, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, as they say. I guess that’s why I continue to write, fight and state that Clean Fiction has a place.

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