Where do your shoes take you and how does that journey make you feel? Here is a guide to get you moving, based on the anthology by JT Keitt…

Flats to go … Red Peep-toe Stilettos … Comfy Slingbacks go slow … Patent Leather Pumps to grow … Broken-in Ballerina Shoes for flow …

Have you ever just wanted to kick off those 3 to 5-inch heels that matched ever so perfectly with that power suit or special dress you took hours to select just for the perfect party or business meeting and slip into a more comfy, less pricey-more practical pair of flats or for that matter sneakers – leaving all concern behind on how they looked or what others would say? Caring only and I say this literally … only about how they make you feel? Your stress is gone, your stride has picked up and yes, you have even regained the softness in your feet. But yet, you don’t throw those fabulous extensions to who you are away, for you know that through all the pain they may cause they indeed take you places. But once there you can relax knowing that what got your day going started all with the shoes.

We rise to the occasion as our stilettos snap across the floors of power, promise, and impulse. We feel empowered and ready to face any thing and anyone. But then the sneakers and loafers give a sense of power too, don’t they? We can go longer and further and endure so much more with the rubber soles gripping on to the earth, keeping us surfaced; grounded.

Where do your shoes take you? And more importantly how do they make you feel? Me? Oh, I can wear the black mini dress with heels, loafers, or sneakers, but I must admit the heels make me feel sexier. As women, we decide the mood we’re in and can throw on a pair of jeans, a suit, or a cute summer dress but how we travel along the day, like it or not, usually, and almost always start with the shoes we choose. As I write this article, I prefer to be relaxed and totally uninhibited, thus I write completely barefoot … How does your journey begin?

In Secrets of my Soul: A Novel, life for Symphony Ann Hall is turned upside down. She is forced to make money the fast way, hustling her body and maneuvering delicately in scandalous situations. Opportunities she never dreamed of surface, but what is revealed, is a deep dark mystery that alters all of the money-making plans she has. What she thought she wanted isn’t what she wanted at all. What she winds up getting is nothing like what she expected. Suddenly, the secrets of her mother’s world collide with her own, and the face of the past returns with a vengeance. Secrets of my Soul is a novel that awakens the alter ego and takes its place in the life of Symphony, her mother Patricia Ann, and the shadows that guilt built. What you see isn’t always what you get, and what you want to see isn’t always what is there.

In Miracle’s Pain, Secrets of my Soul Part II, the reader continues on a suspenseful journey as they witness life through the painful eyes of a lost soul – a young girl left to her own devices to try to survive in a world where love did not exist. But what did exist was the determination to get everything in life she felt she deserved, regardless of who had to suffer.

JT Keitt is a self-published author living in New Jersey with her family. She graduated from NYU with a degree in creative writing and is currently working on the final installment of this trilogy. The anthology, It Starts with the Shoes, is scheduled for release soon.



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