Lindsey Kelk’s I Heart series introduced Angela Clark,  a Brit who fled her cheating boyfriend and ended up in New York where she met new BFF Jenny and a cute singer called Alex.

From there Angela’s adventures have taken her to Hollywood, Paris and most recently Vegas. Angela’s due back in London this year. She even has her own Facebook page. Here she speaks to Kevin Loh…

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Ooh, good question… I think it would have to be the man who invented Terry’s Chocolate Orange so I can give him a massive hug. I just found out they sell them in New York and I actually cried. So I would like to meet Terry.

What is your most prized possession and tell us about it?

I am a huge fan of things. I have managed to amass a large collection of things since I moved to New York, it’s one of my proudest achievements. I guess my favourite thing would have to be my Marc Jacobs handbag. We’ve been through some tough times together and he always stands by me. I mean it. I must keep reminding myself the bag is not a person.

If a celebrity asks you to be his date on Valentine’s Day, who would you want him to be? Will Alex get jealous?

Alex and I have discussed which celebrities we would be allowed to make exceptions for – everyone in a long-term relationship really should. I am allowed to go on a date with Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds or Alexander Skaarsgard. He is not allowed to go on a date with anyone. I think this is entirely fair.

Where would you see yourself in 10 years? Happily married to Alex? A best-selling author?

Hopefully just still in one piece and out of prison. I try not to make big plans because they will invariably go tits up.

Tell us about your own fairytale wedding. Would it beat Kim’s?

Poor Kim… Can you even imagine? And it’s not like she can go and hide under a rock, being on telly is basically her job. Her life is my worst nightmare. My fairytale wedding would include finding a comfortable dress that makes me look thin, not spilling anything down myself and actually getting Alex to go through with it. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. Probably is though…

Among the cities you have visited, which is your favourite and why?

New York has my heart. I love London because it was home for so long and Vegas was ridiculous but you couldn’t live there. Hollywood was fun but the people there are mental and while I loved Paris, it’s not like I’ve got amazing memories of a wonderful time. I’ve got embarrassing memories of being a knob. Ahh, Paris.

It’s going to sound corny but New York is just home. As soon as I got here, I knew it was going to work and I knew I was going to be happy. There’s never a day when I don’t know what to do, there’s never a day when I’m bored. It’s such an amazing place with a million and thing ones to do and most importantly as far as I’m concerned, it’s full of amazing people. Love, love, love.

Describe the perfect date for you.

I’m pretty easy to please. Couple of cocktails, a movie, just wandering around the city – it’s all the same to me as long as you’re with the right person. However, if it’s with the wrong person, make sure he takes you to the fanciest restaurant you can think of and order lobster. Jenny taught me well.

If you were to master a skill, what would it be and why?

There are so many basic skills I need to master, like, holding my booze and walking in heels for a start. I’d like to be a better driver. I’m genuinely dreadful and living in NYC means I don’t need to get any better so I’m just lazy. And it annoys me that I can’t knit. Not sure why.

Do you believe in the saying – What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

I feel like Vegas gets a bad rap. It’s not the city’s fault that people turn up and suddenly behave as though they’re a frat boy on spring break even though they are actually a forty-two year old accountant called Clive. That said, it’s probably best that most people leave their stories at the airport… I know I should.

What are the five things you heart?

Alex, TiVo, my iPod, Jenny’s Louboutins that she’s never getting back and New York. Cheesy but true. Oh, Alex says he’s not a thing. Sigh. Fine, Lucky Charms.

New York, LA, Paris, Vegas, London … Where else are you looking forward to going to?

There are so many places I want to go. Japan, definitely, South America, Italy, Russia. Really want to go to Russia but Alex says I’ll whine about it being cold. I probably will. Oh well.

Kevin Loh is a Malaysian student. “I’m sure not many guys read chick lit. But I do, it’s fun, witty and never fails to make me laugh! As if it isn’t obvious enough, my favourite authors are Lindsey Kelk, Sophie Kinsella, Molly Hopkins and Lucy-Anne Holmes. So far.” Visit his website at

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