A psychic reading and belief in herself has lead Rosemary Louise Gallagher on a journey of faith, love and friendship.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would one day be a published author and be reading tarot cards for a living … but never say never!


I remember going to a psychic/medium when I was 45 years old who told me, at the age of 50, I would write a book and that I would became a very successful tarot reader. She also told me that I would meet a man who would change my life. At that time, I had just started learning how to read the tarot, so I was pleased to hear that I was going to be good at it! However, I definitely was not a writer and had never written anything, nor did I really have any desire to do so. Well that soon changed when I met the man she told me about a year later, and yes this encounter did change my life.

My spiritual journey escalated; and after a few years of emotional turmoil I tapped into a creative talent that I didn’t know I had. I needed to find an outlet to express my feelings; unfortunately they were unrequited! So at the suggestion of my sister I started journaling my thoughts and emotions and before I knew it my fingers took on a life of their own.

I wrote my story in just 2 months. Not bad for someone who had never written before. I believe my angels played a big part in channeling this story through to me. You see, I’ve always had a very strong connection with my guardian angel and the angelic world so I wasn’t at all surprised they ended becoming a big part of the story line of my book. Although, when I started writing I didn’t plan on that happening as I was always quite shy and a little embarrassed talking openly about my connection with the angelic world. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and some people think you’re crazy when you tell them that you talk to angels and that they talk back to you!

But I’m so glad it did as I think it adds a lovely spiritual touch to the story. I also wanted to enlighten readers who are not aware or open to the angelic realm that angels are around us all the time and anyone can have access to them, all you have to do is invite them into your life and they’ll be there to help and guide you – always.


ListenedToMyHeart -web cover onlyRose O’Carroll is the eternal optimist and never stops believing that she will one day find ‘her one’ even though she’s still single and hitting 40. In her search for love, she bravely decides to pack up her comfortable life in Australia and move to London. Guided by her special friends — her angels — she quickly settles in her new life; lands a great job; makes new friendships and begins her spiritual journey. It didn’t take long until Joe DeMarco, the handsome American business man, turns Rose’s world upside down and changes it forever. Rose intuitively knows she has met her twin soulmate. But how does she cope when he tells her it’s just the wrong time? Everything happens for a reason and soon Rose discovers why she had to meet Joe DeMarco when the timing was wrong. She had someone else to meet first…and it wasn’t only the dishy Dr St Claire.


Rosemary Gallagher is an author, tarot reader/angel intuitive and lyricist. She was born in Melbourne, Australia and spent most of her life there until moving to London in 2000. For most of her professional career she worked as a receptionist. She recently left her day job to concentrate on her writing and spiritual endeavours. After settling into her new life in London she began formal tarot studies at the Psychic College of London and has been reading the tarot professionally ever since. I Listened to My Heart is Rosemary’s debut novel and although fictional, is inspired by a real life experience.


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