Hilary Grossman discusses how she finally became a lover of music.

Unlike most teenagers I was never into music. Sure I would listen, but it was more background noise to me. It never penetrated my consciousness. If you asked me who my favorite artist was I would be at a complete and total loss.


I remember when I first started dating “Mr. Commitment-Phobic”, the leading man of Dangled Carat. As a musician, Marc hated the fact that I didn’t know his favorite bands and missed out on what were, in his view, the greatest musical events of history.

He made it his personal mission to teach me everything he knew. We would spend evenings at his house, sitting beside a roaring fire, sipping wine, playing name that tune.

As I struggled with trying to figure out what band was playing, he would share stories about how the songs touched and shaped his life. Eventually I caught on…. and I have never been the same since.

Music is no longer background noise to me. It is now a huge part of my life, and I have developed quite the eclectic taste. In the summer, I love to run on the boardwalk while listening to Billy Joel. I always start my workout off with The Downeaster Alexa. But if I am riding my bike, I am Joe Jackson or Madonna all the way.

If I have a rough day ahead of me at work, I gear up by listening to Led Zeppelin during my commute. But on the way home, I prefer something more mellow to help calm me down. The Bee Gees or Jack Johnson usually does the trick, as does Bruce Springsteen’s The River or Kiss’ Beth. See, I told you I had eclectic taste! And if I am feeling down, and troubled…or just need a helping hand I always flip on James Taylor. His songs touch me to my core, and usually make me cry.

It is funny, music is always blasting out of my speakers at work. Sometime people come into my office and joke that it sounds like a party. But for whatever reason, I never listen to music when I write…. I write in the eerie quiet. I didn’t realize it until now, as I write this post, that during the entire time I wrote and edited Dangled Carat not one song played. As I begin working on book two I think I will have to change that…


DangledCarat-BarnesAndNoble-1600x1000Hilary Grossman had gotten used to dating the commitment-phobic Marc, thirteen years her senior. They had a great relationship – why rush into things? She saw no need to pressure him for marriage, believing that when the time was right, he would propose. But after they had been together for four years, their friends decided to take matters into their own hands, pushing Marc to propose and making Hilary realize how much she really did want to marry the man that she loved. Unfortunately, Marc still wasn’t ready – and their friends’ meddling in the form of a faux engagement party led to a disastrous New Year’s Eve that brought their relationship to an inevitable turning point.

Hilary Grossman dated a guy so commitment-phobic that she was able to write a book about their relationship. She is currently the CFO of a beverage alcohol importer and lives on Long Island.


5 comments on “Music to Her Ears”

  1. When I wrote Good Intentions, I had music playing the entire time, and wove it throughout the story. With Hold Her Down, I couldn’t listen to music and had to write in quiet. My current WIP has two playlists already! But I also have eclectic taste in music, as my iPod would indicate. Looking at my iPod would be like looking into my soul…

    • Kathryn – I love how different your writing process is for both books! I also love how you have two playlists for your WIP! Isn’t it amazing how different music makes you feel? I love an eclectic collection!

  2. This is was one of my favourite parts of the book. I could just see you two sitting there sipping wine and listening to music. I could tell it was his way of opening up and letting you in – seeing pieces of him in the music. That’s when I knew it was sgoing to be a happy ending. 🙂

    • RoryBore – why weren’t you in my life THEN when I needed you. At the time I didn’t see that was his way to open up (well until the one time that he cried) and even then I wasn’t so sure….

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