We all know the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’. But we all do! Here we ask a group of women to give their first impressions of two covers for the same title. Do women from different countries have a different appreciation for what works?


Kat, United Kingdom, Generation Y: I definitely like the UK cover (far right) because the colors are pretty and bold and stand out with the hint of orange in the background as well as on the girl. I find dark colors like the US cover has aren’t very successful in drawing people in.

Paula, New Zealand, Generation Y: I like the UK cover as it goes with her other novels and has a more softer feel than the sharpness of the US cover.

Angela, United States, Generation Y: I prefer the UK one as I find that it is more appealing and more fun than the US cover.

Swati, India, Generation Y: I like the UK cover because there definitely are more colors and it’s also showing a back profile of a chic girl with a phone and clearly she is trying to get in touch with someone. Even if you don’t know the story it gives you a bit of an idea as the title and cover are looking clearly in sync with each other. I found the US cover a little plain.

Amy, United States, Generation X: I really like the ocean background on the UK cover. But I also like the city background and the sophisticated look of the two characters on the US cover, and the fact that there’s a man and a woman as opposed to just a woman.

Nicole, Australia, Generation X: I love the UK cover because it is similar to her other book covers so it’ll make a nice set. The US book cover is too stark for my liking with fluro pink and blue. I also prefer the font for the UK as it’s more ‘romantic’ while the US font is more impersonal.

Leah, United States, Generation X: I am partial to the font and the bright colors of the US cover for I’ve Got Your Number.

Steph, Australia, Generation X: I probably wouldn’t have minded the US cover except I’d seen the British one first. In the flesh it’s even nicer, with an embossed title and ring. The black and hot pink would stand out on the shelf but I just don’t like the font used.

Connie, United States, Baby Boomer: The UK cover is good but I would prefer a bolder/easier-to-read font. The colors of the US cover are pretty and combine well but I couldn’t help wondering WHY the black sky?


Kat: I prefer the UK cover as it has nice colors and not bland like the pink in the US cover (far left). Would make me pick it up in a shop whereas the US cover wouldn’t make me even glance in its direction.

Paula: I like the US cover as it has a more softer tone with the pinks and whites, it also has a gentle and pretty feminine feel to it. The only downside is if you were to buy it online, the cover does not stand out and
could be overlooked.

Angela: I prefer the UK cover of Jane Green’s novel because the broken teacups remind me of something that needs work, like a crumbling marriage. The US cover is nice also, but doesn’t convey the message in the title as well.

Swati: I definitely liked the UK cover and title at the first look. The cover is straight out of the kitchen and I love how it shows the beautiful blue teacup shattered into pieces. I like the font they used for the title and the colors.

Amy: Because I already received a copy my preference is definitely Another Piece of My Heart. And something about the US title is more “free flowing” or more open to the imagination for interpretation.

Nicole: I didn’t really like either cover to be honest. If I have to choose between the two then it would be the US cover. This cover is very girly and feminine but unfortunately, plain. It would still get my attention in the shops though. The UK cover is awful, too dark and dreary for my liking. It comes across as very old-fashioned and I would think that this book is about baby boomers without looking at the blurb. I would go straight past this book. Only the author’s name could get my attention.

Leah: While both covers are appealing, I prefer the US cover as it is more in keeping with the covers of the author’s previous books.

Steph: Teacups have become very popular in chick lit covers but always make me think the story would be about older women. The pink of the US cover is terribly washed out on your computer screen – perhaps it’ll look better on the shelf.

Connie: The UK cover of The Patchwork Marriage has great colors and I like the broken cup which goes well with the title. The US cover does not stand out as there is too much pale pink. Bolder colors are needed and I would prefer to see a heart with a piece broken off. I don’t get the yarn concept.


Kat: I prefer the photo cover because the ocean and the woman makes me curious as to what the story could be about and looks mysterious like the woman may be sad or hiding something. The colors work well as well.

Paula: I prefer the cover with the girl standing on the beach as the other one looks too plain and boring and I would not have picked it up.

Angela: I prefer the Australian cover because the US cover isn’t too appealing. The photo cover just looks better overall and makes me want to pick up the book to know more about it.

Swati: I find the US cover very monotonous and boring. I would definitely buy the Australian book as the cover is very soothing with water and a girl in a peppy orange dress flowing in the wind.

Amy: Because I love the ocean and the beach, definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the Australian cover. Even though it’s a pretty shade of blue, the US cover is blah. There is no adventure to it.

Nicole: I prefer the photo cover. It gives you a slight indication of what the book is about with a woman standing on the beach. The colours used to depict the scene don’t really indicate chick lit to me, more like literature. The US cover is loud blue with a water symbol on it. That really doesn’t tell you anything about the book. Again, only the author’s name would get my attention with this cover. I wasn’t too fussed on either font type but the US one stands out more.

Leah: I prefer the font and the color associated with the US cover. The other version is too grey and a bit depressing for me.

Steph: The US cover uses a lovely colour but is otherwise too bland – it got the WTF response from me when I first saw it. I don’t like covers that are essentially just the book title and author name. Get a bit more creative please designers.

Connie: The photo cover shows good colors. I like the gray sky depicting problems and the woman standing in a pensive way. The US cover is a pretty blue and nice font but unsure what the teardrop is supposed to portray.


Kat: Both are nice covers, but the UK one (far left) would make me want to read it as the pink and gold work really well together, and there is too much white in the other cover.

Paula: Prefer the one with the light colours and the girl in the red coat as the browns and pinks don’t inspire me whereas the other one looks like freedom.

Angela: The UK cover is much better, especially considering what the story is about.

Swati: I just love the UK cover. I like the pretty pink which makes it so lively and lovely.

Amy: I’m not a huge fan of either. If I had to choose it would be the UK cover. The Australian cover would be much more appealing to the eye if the background was a rich color as opposed to white. The title’s font also needs to be brighter and bolder.

Nicole: I don’t really like either cover but if I picked one, it would be the first. It screams chic lit with its soft colours and fancy font. If I saw it on the shelf it would get my attention. I’ve seen the Australian one on the shelf but it didn’t inspire me to pick it up and read the blurb. Again, that cover is more literature then chick lit.

Leah: The UK cover for Me Before You is more to my liking due to the fact that it’s the first cover I saw for the book and therefore it’s the one I associate with it.

Steph: The UK cover is beautiful although perhaps a little too cutesy for the subject matter. Don’t like the washed-out background on the Australian cover.

Connie: I like the pink and beige color combination of the UK cover. I see this as a woman releasing a bird to fly at the dawn of day. The Australian cover is not unattractive, however, the gray color with dry weeds almost gives a sinister tone.


Kat: I don’t like either of these covers. The US one (far right) has no color in it and makes it look like they ran out of ink or ideas. The UK cover shows no imagination.

Paula: I prefer the US cover as the UK cover is too much cartoon-like for my liking and the US makes you wonder what it is about.

Angela: It’s a hard choice as they are both appealing and don’t look like they are for the same book. Maybe it is the title change that made the difference, but if I had to choose I’d pick the US cover because it looks slightly more appealing and really suits the title.

Swati: I would definitely vote for the US cover and title. It’s so tempting and shows a certain kind of mystery between a single guy and a girl. It completely stands out and makes you want to reach for it.

Amy: I definitely prefer the US cover. First of all the white colored title The Wedding Guests is hardly noticeable. It blends right into the background. Fun, chic, and modern are the words that come to mind when I look at the US cover.

Nicole: My eyes zeroed in on the UK cover straight away so it’s a winner for me. I would see that one on the shelf immediately and pick up. It’s the typical chick lit cover with a cartoonish picture, pastel covers and fancy font. The only problem for me is that it’s very similar to Jane Costello’s covers and I didn’t like her books. As for the US cover, boring and non-inspirational. I know what the book is going to be about by looking at the cover but the US version isn’t attention grabbing.

Leah: While both covers appeal to me equally, I prefer the UK cover as it is more indicative of the chick lit genre.

Steph: I’d pick up either cover but the American cover is definitely more intriguing. This cover selection typifies the US/UK divide – photos for Americans, illustrations for the Brits.

Connie: The US cover of The Singles appears to portray the hope of bringing together two single people via the “luck” of the bride’s bouquet. The UK cover of The Wedding Guests is cute in that it promises a humorous read which is what the book is really about.


Kat: I love both of the covers but actually prefer the US cover (far left); the girls with the red and brown really work well. The pink is lovely font in the UK cover but may have been better with a brighter color.

Paula: I prefer the UK one as I’m not a brown cover girl.

Angela: I prefer the US cover because the woman in the middle of the cover looks awkward and uncomfortable (you can tell by the way her feet are turned in) and that seems to go along with the title of wanting to be someone else.

Swati: I like the US cover. It’s so chic, girly and I just love the red shoes. I have this thing for shoes so this one is for me.

Amy: I like the UK cover better. I don’t care for the brown and earthy tones. The pink and light turquoise on the UK cover are more chic, fun and girly – more “chick lit” if you will.

Nicole: The US cover is the better cover out of the two but I didn’t really like either (again!). The US cover has a fun, party feel to it and I would assume that it’s about single girls. The UK cover is a copycat of In Her Shoes so I would think that this book is about rival sisters. The only thing that is different is the shoes and clothes lol. Both books would get my attention on the shelf. I wouldn’t even pick them up though because of my assumptions from looking at the covers.

Leah: I prefer the contrast of the women’s legs with the darker background of the US cover. The UK cover appears too washed out to me.

Steph: I prefer the colours on the American cover – the pop of red. Although perhaps the other cover conveys the idea of one woman copying the other, which perhaps suits the story more.

Connie: The US cover shows good colors and easy-to-read lettering. I like the turned-in toes on the middle gal as it portrays an unsophisticated and unsure person which seems to go along with the theme of the book. The UK cover also has pretty colors and a nice font. When looking at the cover, I guess the reader could ask is “More Like Her” one of these two gals?

• Paula, Angela, Swati, Leah and Steph are contributors for the Chicklit Club website
• Amy is publicist at KMSPR and promotional associate of Chick Lit Central

10 comments on “Cover Story”

  1. So interesting how everyone likes something different about each cover. The one that has me scratching my head is the Jane Green selection. Are these the same book? With different titles & such vastly different covers, I would expect 2 completely different stories from them. I like them both, but the US cover makes me think it’s a sweet, romantic love story, whereas the UK cover evokes more of a dramatic tale about a failed relationship.

      • Wow. Neither one of those covers says that to me! But knowing the plot, I think the UK version is more fitting. And yes, why change the titles??? I often hear of UK titles first, but live in the US. So, if they change the title, I might miss it when it releases in the US.

        • I do look at covers, and if one really captures my imagination and if the back cover blurb coincides with the front cover image then I’ll buy a book even if I’ve never heard of the author. I love cover art that leaves me with questions. The half revealed face is more intriguing to me than the six-pack abs (not that I have anything *against* six-pack abs!). I also find it fascinating to compare what stories feature the hero on the cover vs the heroine on the cover. And I seem to like a single main character on the cover rather than a clinch between two lovers.

          • Really interested in what you have to say here. I’m in the process of trying to get the rights back on my one published novel a category romance. As you know, that won’t include the cover so I’m hoping to create a new cover and possibly a new title, and then make the book available on Kindle, etc. Have no idea how to do any of this . We’ll see.

  2. I have already read the Sophie Kinsella novel (which was really nice!) and I was happy that I read the UK version, because the colors are brighter. I always like drawn pictures more than some computer stuff! But generally I like more the English covers then their in Dutch translated versions, because they are awful, I can assure you!

    • I’m a visual person, so I think covers are hugely important when selling our books. While we can’t always judge a book by its cover (pun intended), a sexy or beautiful or intriguing cover stands out among the thousands of covers out there, hopefully grabbing a reader’s attention.For every book, I anxiously wait for my cover art! It’s my favorite part of the publishing process. Even when I’m working with a publisher, I design my own covers as much as possible to give the artists a visual of what’s in my head. They can’t read my mind, can you believe it? LOL. Now that I’m publishing a few books independently on Amazon, I give my husband a mock up and let him polish it up and put it into a jpg for me. For my holiday story, Jingle Hells, I tried to keep the same tone and color scheme as Witches Anonymous, since it’s a sequel.

    • I know they say, never judge a book by it’s cover. But, I admit, I’m sucirfepial. If I don’t know the author, the cover could make or break the deal (if I don’t fall in love with the blurb). Usually, the simpler the cover, the better it seems to work for me. Like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Acheron. For some reason, I found that cover just plain cool.Oh, and a cover pet peeve of mine when the model on the cover looks nothing like the hero/heroine described in the book. I’m one of those who will flip back to look at the cover when I read, especially when the cover has a yummy beefcake on it.

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